About us

Working cows in fall of 2013

Located in South Central South Dakota, the Joseph Angus Ranch resides on 3600 acres of hard grass pasture with an abundance of natural streams and ponds.


Owner and manager Roger Joseph has been in the cattle business for twenty years.  Born and raised in Valentine, Nebraska, Roger is always striving for more substance and growth to add to the herd, while focusing on total customer satifaction. Our program here at the Joseph Angus Ranch is to breed bulls that have been grown and conditioned as naturally as possible to enhance better disposition and longevity. The results are clearly visiable when cattle handle well and customers are happy with the temperament and gentleness of the animal. This is what we base our reputation on.



 Fall Branding 2013

   In April of last year, Joseph Angus Ranch brought on board two irreplaceable people, Trent Buoy and Krystal Cihak. These two have been a huge asset in the day-to-day operations of the ranch. Trent works side-by-side with Roger in managing the ranch. Krystal manages the majority of the paperwork and registrations, however she is not afraid to get her hands dirty working with the men. Robert has been extremely busy this past year with a marriage to Lacey Joseph, his son Cruz, and  the Peppermill Resturant located in Valentine, Nebraska. When he can get a chance he comes out to the ranch and helps work cows and of course ,for the brandings.  Robert's expertise in advertising and marketing, night calving, farming, and over-all care for the herd is much appreciated.
Come  and check out the  world famous Peppermill Steakhouse.