A goal at the Joseph Angus Ranch is to provide thier customers with physically sound, fertile, healthy Angus bulls that will excel in today's demanding beef industry.  With this goal in mind, the bulls have been fully vaccinated with two doses of 7-way, pasteurella, 3 doses of 5-way viral, dewormed and poured for lice.  Prior to sale , the bulls will also have received 2 doses of footrot vaccine.  The breeding herd is yearly vaccinated for IBR, BVD, Vibrio/Lepto and poured for lice.  All two-year-old registered angus bulls will have been tested and found to be negative for Trichomoniasis.
Dr. Scott Larsen,DMV....Valentine, NE     
"Joseph Angus bulls hold up all summer long.  I'm incredibly impressed with the conditioning of these YEARLING bulls.  They actuallly gained weight while they bred cows!"
Tom Ramm....Valentine, NE



"I handle thousands of bulls every year from breeders all across the country and the Joseph Angus Ranch is always one of our favorite spots because of the bulls amazing disposition."   Shawn Roth....Joes, Colorado



"Absolutely the best set of bulls yet from Joseph Angus Ranch.

The disposition is unmatched." 

Greg Arendt....Valentine Livestock Auction